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9 Healing Recipes You Can Make With Shea Butter

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Dry, sensitive and atopic skin will benefit from this rich and creamy shea and coconut oil body butter. Enriched with wheat germ and lavender oil, it soothes the skin and packs plenty of vitamins.

Homemade Shea & Coconut Oil Body Butter from Susana Machado

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There’s no reason not to use shea butter in your soap! This will make it extra moisturizing and soft on the skin.

Lemon-Basil Shea Butter Soap from The Homemade Haus

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This solid bar melts at body temperature, which makes it perfect to use instead of moisturizer. Moreover, the combination of shea, coconut oil, cocoa butter and macadamia oil make it incredibly hydrating.

Honey Herb Body Bar from A Fresh Legacy

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DIY Deep Hair Conditioner |

Shea butter not only adds moisture and shine, but it can also help remedy dandruff and dry scalp. This is serious conditioning!

DIY Hair Deep Conditioner from Hello Glow

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Shea butter is mixed with calendula to calm the skin, heal irritations and hydrate at the same time. Just what you need to stop scratching those mosquito bites!

Bug Bite Skin Soother from The Chic Site

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No more chapped heels in your life with this shea butter-based balm! Improved with lavender oil, it’s also great for soothing before bed.

Lavender and Shea Butter Heel Balm from Hello Glow

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The fresh citrus scent will make you want to use this lip balm every day – especially since the shea and mango butter combination leaves your lips so soft!

Citrus Lip Butter from Harriet Emily

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Combined with whipped coconut oil, shea makes an amazing butter for babies’ sensitive skin! Plus it doubles as a hand moisturizer for you.

Whipped Coconut & Shea Baby Butter from Hello Glow

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Hair pomade makes a great gift for him and her. A pea size amount will go a long way, which makes this recipe frugal as well.

DIY Beeswax Hair Pomade from The Makeup Dummy

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