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8 Questions to Ask a Guy Friend to Learn the Truth About Yourself

Want to know the inner workings of the male mind? Here are the eight questions to ask a guy friend for total clarity and peace of mind!

As a woman, there are very few things which a close guy friend wouldn’t tell you honestly. Seriously, there is something inherently honest about guy friends, to the point where they simply can’t sugarcoat anything. Do you know the right questions to ask a guy friend to make the most difference?

Want to know if your ass looks big in that dress? Ask your closest guy friend and prepare for the cutthroat truth. Want to know if you’re coming over as desperate? Ask your guy friend and prepare to weep.

If you have a close friend of the male persuasion, honesty comes as standard. Sometimes our girlfriends are so careful not to hurt our feelings, they might sugarcoat things a little too much and not reveal the honest truth about the situation. Guy friends? Nope! No beating around the bush here!

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8 questions to ask a guy friend: Prepare to learn the truth!

If you want to know the inner workings of the male mind, the single best person to ask is a man himself. Here are eight questions to ask a guy friend to give you the answers you’ve always been looking for!

#1 What is my best physical feature from a guy’s point of view? We all find different things about other people attractive and other things completely unattractive. How do you know that you’re not focusing on the wrong part of yourself?

Go on, I dare you to ask your guy friend what your best physical feature is from a male point of view. The answer might actually surprise you! [Read: What guys find sexy and attractive in a woman]

#2 What do guys actually do in the bathroom for that long? I asked this. Yes, I know. I should have known I really wouldn’t like the answer, but it was something which I had pondered for a long time. If you choose to put this question to your guy friend *it will open your mind, for sure* then don’t be eating when he gives you the answer, that’s all I can say.

#3 Does it really matter if I have a few extra pounds? I don’t know about you, I can only speak from my own experience, but this is a question I have pondered for a long time. Having long had a few body image issues, I figured this would be one of those questions to ask a guy friend for a truly honest answer. I say ask if you do have a few hang-ups because the answer I got certainly put to rest my problems! Rock those curves! [Read: How self respect affects the relationships you have]

#4 Why do guys cheat? Total stereotype, I know, but it’s something many people wonder. Not all guys cheat, of course, but the ones who do, what actually pushes them to do it? Is it a physical thing, or is it more emotional?

Is it the same reason that some women cheat, or is there a different motivation behind it? The insight I gained from asking this question really made me think about relationships and monogamy a little more closely. [Read: Why do guys cheat? 3 real reasons and 27 convincing lies]

#5 Why do some guys say they’ll call, but never do? Ah, the age-old question. To be honest, I still don’t have a clear answer. It will be interesting to find out from your guy friend what he thinks about the subject! The answer I got? Boredom. Seriously, what am I supposed to do with that answer?

#6 What does it mean when a guy slides into your DMs? What does it actually mean? Does it mean he’s interested or bored? Does it mean he sent you a message when he meant to send it to someone else? Come on, guys, tell us what it really means! [Read: 11 signs he likes you but is too chicken to admit it]

#7 Does confidence scare you or do you find it attractive? If you want to learn more about the male mind, ask this questions. Some guys find confidence in their partner a little off putting, but some find it hugely attractive. Personally, I can’t understand why anyone would find confidence unattractive, but hearing different viewpoints is really interesting.

Would your guy friend be happy dating someone who earns more money than them? Would they be happy dating someone who was super-popular? Go on, ask!

#8 Why do my relationships keeps failing? This is the big one for me. If you want to find out what you’re doing wrong, or what you’re not doing wrong, ask your guy friend. He sees things from the other side of the coin, from the outside looking in, and he can tell you exactly what you may be unknowingly doing to cause your relationships to turn sour.

Of course, this isn’t all on you, and it could very well be that you simply have bad choice in partners. The answer should give you some insight to work with in the future.

What question to ask a guy friend have I missed out? Can you think of any others? For me, these were the ones I always wanted to see from a male perspective. Did I get much insight? To be honest, yes. It’s a great exercise to ask someone else what they think about certain issues, because we only have our own view and opinions to go on.

Every single person sees things different, and every single person reads situations in different ways too. The male perspective can often be very different to the female one, and whether you agree with the answers you get or not, it’s an interesting exercise to try. [Read: How to stop sabotaging your relationships]

The one question you shouldn’t ask your guy friend!

Don’t make the same mistake that my dear friend did. She had a very close male friend, and they had known each other for years. Their friendship was rock solid. The problem? My friend had developed feelings for her guy friend, but it was clear that he didn’t feel the same romantically.

We all told her it was never going to happen, but one particular evening after too many glasses of wine, she went for it. She asked him if he found her attractive in that way. The worst question she could have asked *by the way, this is totally different to asking a guy friend what your best physical feature is*.

The answer crushed her.

Of course, he told her that she was practically his sister and could never see her that way.

She cried for days, and no amount of ice cream could shake her out of her funk. She felt embarrassed, and she was worried she had ruined their friendship for life.

In some ways it was what she needed because she is now happily in a relationship and still close to her guy friend. Despite that, their friendship has never been quite the same.

So, if you’re going to think about questions to ask a guy friend, be selective if it has anything to do with you and your feelings. Friendship is not worth ruining because of drunken questions with underlying connotations. Ask my friend, she’ll tell you the same.

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These eight questions to ask a guy friend will certainly open your eyes to the other side of the coin. The way a man may see a situation, when you see it very differently.

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