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7 Ways to Use Himalayan Pink Salt in Your Next DIY Project

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Whether you are attempting to soothe sore muscles, detox, or improve overall health and beauty, the next time you draw a bath, consider this combination for a detoxifying soak!

Himalayan Pink Salt Detox Bath Soak from Hello Glow

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Use this homemade body spray anytime you need an easy refresh or an energy boost–after a workout, for example!

Homemade Body Spray from The Chic Site

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Tropical coconut oil, exfoliating sugar, mineral-packed pink salt, and beautifully scented essential oils make the body scrub of your dreams reality.

DIY Coco Rose Body Polish from Boxwood Avenue

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Bring a spa-like tranquility to the bathtub with a combination of detoxifying pink Himalayan salt, refreshing eucalyptus oil, and luxurious dried rose petals.

Eucalyptus and Rose Bath Salts from The Blondielocks

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Pamper yourself with these heart-shaped bath bombs, made with pink Himalayan salt and calming lavender oil.

Pink Himalayan Salt Bath Bombs from Rebooted Mom

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Shea melt-and-pour soap is super moisturizing, while pink Himalayan salt gently exfoliates, resulting in a bath bar that will make your skin feel amazing.

Pink Salt and Shea Bath Bar from Soap Queen

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With pink clay, rosewater and pink Himalayan salt, this soap is not only pretty to look at, but also effective and gentle on skin.

Pink Clay Soap Bars from Hello Glow

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