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6 Deep-Cleaning DIY Mud Masks You Need to Try ASAP

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For soft and supple skin, opt for a homemade mud mask enriched with Fuller’s earth, Dead Sea minerals, manuka honey and zeolite powder.

Homemade Mud Mask from BLDG 25

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This mud mask not only leaves your face feeling soft and smooth, but it also leaves skin aglow thanks to the increase in blood supply.

DIY Dead Sea Mud Mask from Hello Glow

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This combination of just two ingredients draws impurities out of the skin, exfoliates, prevents acne and blackheads, and it has a nice, mousse-like texture you’ll enjoy on your skin.

DIY Acne Mask from Dear Crissy

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Mud from the Dead Sea has plenty of therapeutic properties and benefits for the skin. This mask blends it with chamomile and lavender for their calming effects.

Calming Dead Sea Mud Mask from Amazfit

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Just mix clay with yogurt for a soothing, pampering mask. Your skin will feel soft and silky after.

Soothing Yogurt Mask from Live Simply

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Antioxidant-rich cacao powder is mixed with exfoliating, energizing coffee, and detoxifying clay for a combination that’s a power-packed anti-aging treat for your skin.

Energizing Mocha Mud Mask from Hello Glow

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