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6 Creative Ways to Use Melt-And-Pour Soap

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Play with shape!

One of the best things about melt and pour soap base is that you can literally pour it in whatever shape you like! A great opportunity to customize it for a party or a holiday.

Colorful cacti soaps from Lovely Indeed

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Make it exfoliating!

You wouldn’t think sand belongs in soap but it’s actually great for scrubbing dirt off your hands! Gardeners and kids will find it particularly useful.

Coconut Sand Soap from Hello Glow

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Make it layered!

Layering is not just for your wardrobe! We love the fall colors on these layered soaps, especially since the colors are made with natural spices such as cinnamon and turmeric.

Spice Box Soap from Beauty Crafter

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Make it fun!

Holiday Homemade Soap |

Using a clear glycerin soap base leaves plenty of room for playing with add-ons! The possibilities are endless, from seasonal herbs to small toys for the kids.

Herb + spice glycerin soap from Hello Glow

DIY soaps with surprises for kids from Hello Glow


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Play with color!

You can easily whip up batches of soap to go with the season, the holiday or the party theme. People will be thrilled to get them as gifts! We’re partial to this luxurious fall-like sparkling fig soap these days…

Sparkling Fig Melt & Pour Soap from Soap Queen

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Make it skincare ready!

Improve your soap to make it skincare-ready using tried-and-true ingredients such as activated charcoal, tea tree oil or Bentonite clay!

Almond Vanilla Clay Facial Soap from Hello Glow

Detox Charcoal + Tea Tree Oil Soap from Hello Glow


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