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25 Denim Hacks To Save Your Favorite Jeans

Most of us have been Team Jeans since childhood. The comfort, the versatility, the continuous reinvention of this casual item of clothing is what makes it a must in every wardrobe. And while finding the perfect fit may not be as hard as swimsuit shopping, it’s still pretty hard! Do they make your butt look right? Aren’t they a little too long? Do they go with your favorite shoes? Are they even in your price range? There are plenty of questions to answer. And once you do find those perfect jeans, you never want to let them go.

Take good care of them and make them last with these 25 jeans hacks:

25 Ways to DIY Jeans1. Temporary hem tape can be a life savior! Use it to hem your jeans for the night, and rip it off the next morning to get your beloved jeans back.

2. Adjust the length of your jeans to that of your legs by cuffing them! Rolling them up looks best on boyfriend jeans, while rolling them under is more suited for skinny jeans.

3. Keep your zipper up with this super easy trick: a key ring is all you need!

4. Take in the waist of your oversized jeans by adding in an elastic band! This 5-minute project will save you hours of pulling your top at the back.

5. Fix holes in your jeans instead of automatically sending them to the bin when they’re ripped in wrong places.

6. Maximize closet space by storing all your jeans on a single multi-hanger. Of course, if “all your jeans” doesn’t mean 20 pairs…

7. DIY perfectly distressed jeans. If you’re bored with your jeans and think a little distressing would take them up a notch, follow this tutorial from Say Yes to get the perfect look.

8. Keep a cheat sheet of how to wear jeans and shoes and you’ll spend less time anxiously trying on different pairs in front of the mirror.

25 Ways to DIY Jeans

9. Add a zipper to your jeans to avoid bunching up at the ankles and instantly get a trendy look. Bonus: no sewing required.

10. Don’t buy denim cutoffs – make them yourself, they’re not called cutoffs for nothing!

11. Replace a broken zipper yourself instead of throwing your jeans in the “to take to a tailor” pile.

12. Prolong the life of your jeans by not washing them. That’s right, you can freeze them instead! That actually kills bacteria without attacking your precious fiber.

13. To prevent your jeans from shrinking in the wash, always use cold water and dry on medium heat for no longer than 10 minutes!

14. Never be bored with your denim! Here are 6 ways to cuff your jeans – try a different one every day!

15. DIY bell bottom jeans. Happy to hear bell bottoms are back, but not quite ready to make an investment? That’s ok, you can always DIY!

16. If your jeans are a bit too tight, let them air dry and pull the waistband by hand. You can also use a hairdryer over the waistband while they’re still damp.

17. Always wear flattering jeans! Here are the 7 best types of jeans for women of all sizes.

18. Hem jeans with original hem whenever they’re too long for you, but too good to resist.

19. If you’re buying jeans from say, a flea market, and have no place or time to try them on, try this trick: place their waistline around the diameter of your neck. They should meet comfortably at the back to insure a good fit at the waist.

20. To maintain the color in your dark wash jeans, add 1/2 cup of vinegar to the final rinse cycle of your laundry.

21. You know those spare buttons you get with your jeans? They’re there for you to use them! Here’s how to replace a broken jean button.

22. For winter, tucking jeans into boots is a must! Thankfully, you can do it even when you’re not wearing skinnies, with this folding and cuffing trick.

23. DIY boyfriend jeans. Get the perfectly fitted boyfriend jeans by altering a pair you already own! Get the how-to on Advice From a 20-Something.

24. If you need more waist room, here’s how to take out your jean’s waistband to make them bigger.

25. Recycle, recycle, recycle with these 25 DIY denim projects we love!

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