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18 Things that Turn Girls On & Makes You a Real Catch in Their Eyes

If you think you know all there is to know about things that turn girls on, we bet you there are some on this list that will take you by surprise.

Most guys go through their lives thinking they know everything about things that turn girls on. And in this moment of ignorance, they fail to realize it’s not just about having a well-sculpted body, pretty face, and a six-figure salary to get into a woman’s good graces.

Clearly, you can’t deny that having those is a great advantage. However, women are also attracted to men for some of the most random, if not strangest, reasons. [Read: The 15 secrets that will make you Mr. Irresistible]

Things that turn girls on every man should know

Women are known to have a great eye for detail and take pleasure in those simple manly quirks that they observe. What are those other random things that turn girls on aside from the usual?

#1 Personal hygiene. Personal hygiene is unanimously considered a universal turn-on for women. A guy easily gets a woman’s favor if he knows how to keep his clothes clean and his body well-groomed. For the ladies, an average-looking guy easily beats an attractive one if he takes more showers than the latter. [Read: Cologne chemistry and the guide to do it right]

#2 A sharp dresser. Women swoon for a man who selects and wears his clothes well even if they came straight out of the thrift store. Wearing ill-suited clothes even with a ludicrous price tag attached will not always guarantee a lady’s attention. In the end, it depends whether a man has a defined sense of taste and style. [Read: Sex god moves to attract and seduce women in style]

#3 Having his individual sense of fashion. Speaking of taste, ladies also clamor for guys with a personal fashion preference. Not sticking to the current trend nor dependent on what major retail stores offer, this type of guy knows what type of clothes suit his personality and flatters his image.

#4 A guy who smells good. It may seem simple, but women are very particular on how they want their man to smell. For them, a good-smelling man is someone ready to hug and kiss. Therefore, they want someone who smells fresh and wears the right amount.

#5 Wit and a sense of humor. A funny man beats a handsome man in winning a girl’s heart anytime. It is easy to imagine women rather spend their time with a man who makes her laugh at any time and place. A guy with a sharp sense of humor is a big turn-on for them. [Read: How to be funny and make people love your company]

#6 A guy who knows what he wants in life. For women, nothings beats a man who found his life’s purpose and knows exactly what to do and how to do it in order to get there. They know that boys with a wishy-washy attitude have no future. They’re not worth gambling their own future on.

#7 A guy who is assertive and takes control. He plans dates before the actual day and decides which restaurant is best. Sometimes, it is refreshing to have the man do all the work, so they just slip on a dress and enjoy the day without stress. [Read: How to seduce her like a gentleman]

#8 A guy who knows how to cook. Women think a man who has command of his kitchen is sexy. Seeing him with his apron on and sleeves rolled up as he prepares dinner is like watching a model strut a catwalk. It is a no-brainer that men who are capable of sharing kitchen work by the time they are married are worth keeping.

#9 Being passionate about something no matter what it is. Be it a simple hobby such as stamp collecting or an important social advocacy, women get turned on by the determined look of a man who found his passion. They see such men as geared towards success and bound to accomplish something very important in the future.

#10 Knowing how to touch a girl right. Men are creatures of testosterone. They are usually thought of as rough and aggressive. But when a man is gifted with a delicate touch and gentle hands, a girl is certain she feels loved and special. [Read: How to turn a girl on with your touch and make her melt into you]

#11 Intelligence. Hearing a guy discuss his fascination with the mysteries of the universe or debate his buddies on political theory is a refreshing sight from the usual guy who only talks about his past conquests or last night’s football game. Women are the type who finds a guy who initiates enlightening and insightful conversation attractive.

#12 A good housekeeper. One of those overlooked things that turn girls on? A guy capable of running a household on his own. Someone who does the laundry, cooks, buys groceries, grooms the pets, and pays the bills on time.

Of course, she would want to be with someone who’s reliable in managing the household and wouldn’t just laze in front of the game console all day.

#13 Opening doors for her. It’s such a simple gesture, but this small act of chivalry can get a guy in far places. Women always lament the fact that genuinely chivalrous men are a dying breed. Having a man do something as simple as open a door surely brightens her day. [Read: What you need to know about the code of modern chivalry]

#14 A good listener. Girls love a guy who clams up and pays close attention to her as she narrates the events during her day. Being a good listener is a sign you place an importance on what she wants to communicate no matter how petty.

#15 A guy who pays attention to details. Girls will fondly recall a guy who will surprise her with her favorite carrot cake just because she mentioned it in passing. Or maybe that boyfriend who gave her a purple cell phone cover after taking a hint from the dominant color of her bedroom décor. Girls want you to be that kind of guy.

#16 A guy who’s friendly to her pets. When a girl introduces her pet to a guy, expect that she’s paying close attention to your reaction. If you’re the type who will extend the same affection to her furry friends, then you’ll be getting a good mark on her scoreboard.

#17 When he gets along with her parents and siblings. Of course, it goes the same with her family. It is hard and intimidating at first, but a sure way to a girl’s heart is to get along with her parents and siblings. There’s a chance they might become your future family after all. [Read: The dos and don’ts of meeting your girlfriend’s parents]

#18 A guy who takes care of her when PMS strikes. Girls immediately marry the man who surprises her with a tub of her favorite ice cream, buys her tampons and painkillers, and orders her favorite takeout when her PMS strikes!

[Read: Really sweet ways to show a girl you love her]

All the things that turn girls on is not just about good looks, money, and physique. Truth be told, it’s about the simple things that make a girl feel loved and special. 

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