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18 Qualities of a Good Woman Every Good Man Should Look For

If you wonder if you have a great woman in your arms, there are undeniable qualities of a good woman. If she has them, hold onto her tight.

We all possess qualities good and some not so good. The key? The good outweighs the bad, which in relationships isn’t always easy. Some qualities of a good woman are highly overlooked. And, if you aren’t paying attention, you might miss them.

18 qualities of a good woman to signal she is the one for you

Being a good woman isn’t about always putting others above yourself or giving in. It is in the moral compass that you have, the empathy you display, and the way you love. If you find a woman with these good qualities, you are one hell of a lucky guy. Don’t let her get away.

#1 She is nurturing. Nurturing is one of the best qualities that women possess. It is the ability to care for someone and to see their individual needs. Nurturing someone doesn’t mean that you “take care of them.” You recognize a person’s individual needs and seek to fulfill them when you can. If you have a woman who nurtures, you are golden. [Read: How to spread love to those who need it]

#2 She is forgiving. One of the best qualities of a good woman is forgiveness. Some people just say, “I forgive you,” and some people mean it. There is a supreme difference. The woman who truly forgives doesn’t bring up your past ills at every fight. If she forgave, she has forgotten. It remains in the past. [Read: 15 tips to eliminate selfishness in relationships]

#3 She isn’t spiteful. One of the hardest things not to be is spiteful. When someone does something to hurt or embarrass us, it is super hard to turn the other cheek and not want to return the favor. A woman who gets over something that hurts her without seeking to strike back is a woman with some pretty amazing qualities.

#4 She isn’t jealous. Women have a tendency to be jealous, not just in their relationships, but all the way around. Jealousy is a hard quality to deal with. It can destroy any good relationship. It isn’t just about being jealous when you are out with or talking to other girls. It is about being jealous in your relationship of any success or accomplishments they have. Not being jealous is one of those perfect qualities of a good woman.

#5 She is patient. Patience really is a virtue. It is difficult to sit and wait for the things we want. A woman who waits patiently for what she desires, is rare. Not insisting on having what we want, when we want it, is a pretty unique quality in the new age of instant gratification. It makes for a much more harmonious life together too. [Read: 34 ways to develop a stronger bond in your relationship]

#6 She is empathetic. She feels for what someone else walks through. Not everyone is born with empathy or with the same degree of understanding. A highly empathetic woman cares for the people around them. When you hurt, she hurts, which makes communication a lot less arduous in your relationship with her.

#7 She challenges you. An often overlooked quality of a woman is someone who challenges you. It is so much easier to be with someone who thinks that everything you do is incredible and is your “yes, woman.”

But, what they don’t do is make you the best you are capable of being. One of the qualities a good woman is the courage to challenge someone they love, even if it makes them upset. Because you want good things for them. Challenging someone is the hard road to take, but it is taken with love and concern. [Read: 14 steps to emotionally connect with someone]

#8 She encourages you. Sometimes it is hard to take the difficult path, and you need a little encouragement. The woman who helps push you along and point out all the things you are capable of, is someone you want in your corner.

They are the ones who say, “Don’t give up,” “You will get there,” and “Get back on that horse” when things are rough. Encouragement is what lifts us up when we need it, and brings us higher even when we don’t think we can.

#9 She is your rock. A very good quality that most men negate in a woman is strength. Not the physical kind, although that can be helpful. The kind of strength I talk about is someone you lean on when your legs are a bit weak. Someone with strong shoulders and willing to roll up her sleeves when you need her. It is the type of strength that makes a good woman.

#10 She finds humor in the hardest times. One of the best qualities a good woman has is to take lemons and make lemonade. Seeing the bright side of things is a rare and unique quality. When the rest of us sit around and wallow, the perfect woman finds humor, the good, and turns things around to make them okay. That is a great quality to have at your side. [Read: 25 signs and qualities that make you a really good boyfriend]

#11 She is loyal. Loyalty comes in many forms. The woman who possesses loyalty doesn’t bash you to her friends, sticks up for you, sometimes even when you are wrong, and is always there to have your back. In a partnership, loyalty is about the strongest bond that you possess.

#12 She is faithful. Faithful is a quality that isn’t just about not cheating on someone. It means that if you are someone important to her, you hold priority in her life, forsaking all others in body and mind. A faithful woman is one of the key ingredients to a happy relationship.

#13 She is fun. Not everyone can be “fun.” Fun is about being spontaneous, wanting to enjoy life, and make the most of every day. If you find someone with the fun quality, she makes every moment worth living.

#14 She is not envious. Envy is different from jealousy. A woman who isn’t envious, doesn’t want what other people have. She wants what she has. Being envious of other people distracts you from what you have yourself. Not being envious is a good character trait. [Read: The real differences between jealousy and envy]

#15 She is competitive. Although not considered a good quality in our society, being competitive means you strive to be the best you possible. It isn’t just about getting ahead of other people. It’s pushing yourself and focusing on a goal. People who dream and follow through with them take you along on their wonderful ride.

#16 Gratitude defines her. Being grateful is a very good quality. No one is required to do anything for you. Although most people don’t see it that way. Being grateful means you are thankful for what you have and for the things people do. That means not taking advantage or believing people in some way owe you.

#17 She is gratuitous. Someone who is gratuitous does things not to get things, but just because they want to help out. The quality of gratuitousness is rare in our society. Typically, people do things for what it does for them. A gratuitous woman does it just because she is kind and good-hearted. [Read: 15 traits that’ll make you the perfect boyfriend material for your girl]

#18 She is altruistic. Much like gratuitous, an altruistic woman does things because of a moral and kind compass. If they see someone in need, they willingly help out and pitch in. What they do, they do for others, not for some ulterior selfish motive.

Not everyone is perfect all the time. If you have a woman with good qualities, then take great pains to hold onto her.

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She isn’t always going to exhibit the best side of herself, but if you know she has the qualities of a good woman, that is all you need to know.

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