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16 Warning Signs Your Partner Is Falling in Love with Someone Else

When we fall in love with someone, we think it’s going to last forever. But right now, you see signs your partner is falling in love with someone else.

When we choose to be with someone in a serious relationship, we have the feeling that this is the one. You know what I mean, the relationship that’s going to be till the end of time. In many cases, this is true, and people stay together until they’re old and grey. But people are emotional, and we all know that emotions can change. Listen, if you see signs your partner is falling in love with someone else, you should know one thing: no one wants to fall out of love with their partner.

This usually isn’t the first thing that comes to people’s minds when they’re in a relationship. Being on either side of the coin sucks. Trust me, I’ve experienced both sides.

Signs your partner is falling in love with someone else

Now, you know your partner pretty well, so you may have noticed a shift in communication or even some dodgy things going on. But again, you just can’t seem to put your finger on what’s going on. If you think your partner is falling in love with someone else, you’re probably right. I mean, it’s called intuition for a reason. [Read: 13 giveaways to tell if someone is lying to your face]

Of course, make sure that you’re right on this one. Here are the must-know signs your partner is falling in love with someone else. That way, you can get a sense of what’s going on and prepare yourself for the upcoming conversation you should have with your partner.

No one said love lasts forever, especially if you see these signs your partner is falling in love with someone else!

#1 You feel it. Like I mentioned above, you feel that something’s going on. I know, I know, you’re thinking, but that’s not good enough. Actually, it’s a pretty good indicator that something is going on. Does it mean that your partner is falling in love with someone? No. But it does mean that something fishy is happening. [Read: This is how to learn to listen to your gut]

#2 They stopped sharing emotions. As a couple, you’re used to talking about deep emotions with each other. But now, your partner doesn’t seem to be so forthcoming with their emotions. If anything, they’re acting cold. If you’re left guessing about their feelings, it sounds like their emotions are directed to someone else. [Read: How to create emotional intimacy and bonding]

#3 They only want to have sex. You used to have deep conversations, go on dates, kiss in public, but, now, your partner only wants to have sex with you. This isn’t intimacy, this is just sex. You can have sex with anyone and not be intimate. Your partner may be trying to cover themselves up but the fact that they’re avoiding intimacy is a dead giveaway.

#4 They get defensive. When you ask them about a specific person or question them on specific behavior, they get quickly defensive. A simple question of, what did you do last night? can turn into a huge argument started by them. [Read: 18 emotional affair signs you probably didn’t notice]

#5 They avoid spending time with you. You used to have date nights but all of a sudden, they’re too busy to meet up with you. Of course, everyone needs their alone time, but this doesn’t mean that you should feel like you’re alone in this relationship.

If your partner is actively spending less time with you, it shows you that they’re not interested in spending time with you. Why would that be?

#6 They’re suddenly really into a specific hobby. Sure, your partner used to run once a week, but now, they’re really into going to the running club every day of the week. Of course, if they’re training for a marathon, that’s different, but if they’re really into a hobby all of a sudden, there’s a reason why. 

#7 They ghost you. Ugh, I’m so over ghosting. Honestly, ghosts are people that are scared to communicate their feelings to others. Your partner usually doesn’t ignore your texts or reply hours later, but you’ve noticed a change. If they’re ghosting you, it’s because they already have eyes on someone new.

If they don’t feel the need to keep you updated, it’s because they’re keeping someone else updated on their plans. [Read: Affair fog – How to know if your lover is under someone’s spell]

#8 There’s no more intimacy. You used to cuddle on the couch together, talk for hours, hold hands, have regular sex, but lately, there’s been none of that. If your partner has been distancing themselves when it comes to giving and receiving affection, something is definitely going on. Intimacy is what makes two people bond and when someone avoids it, something isn’t adding up.

#9 They’re doing something new. Now, if someone wants to start working out, this doesn’t mean that they’re in love with someone else. But if this sign comes with a couple of the others on this list, then it’s something to look into. Your partner started to dress better, they’re working out, they’re going out more. Strange, right?

#10 You don’t talk as much. Verbal communication is extremely important in relationships. You used to text and talk on the phone all the time, however, now, there’s not as much communication going on. Your partner may have asked about your day, but now, they don’t really seem to care how your day went or what you’re feeling. [Read: 10 big relationship problems and how to fix them]

#11 They avoid talking about the future. You talked about future plans but that’s all stopped. Now, they’re suddenly not into labeling the relationship nor do they want to “stress” about the future. These are just excuses. It’s because they have their eye on someone else, and you’re just an option for them.

#12 They avoid your family and friends. If they’re truly happy being with you, they wouldn’t mind seeing your friends and family. But you’ve noticed that your partner has distanced themselves and are avoiding situations where your family and friends may be. If they don’t want to see your family/friends, they’re distancing themselves from you.

#13 They start hiding their phone. You used to know their password, maybe you still do, but you don’t seem to see their phone anywhere. This doesn’t mean you should go through their phone, but it looks like they’re more secretive than before. They text away from you, walk out of the room when talking on the phone, small but significant changes. [Read: 18 ingenious ways to catch a cheating partner in the act]

#14 They’re too kind to you. They never used to buy you flowers, now, you have more bouquets in your kitchen than you can count. They’re doing this because they fucked up big time and feel guilty. They’re trying to compensate for not being honest with you.

#15 Where’s the respect? You used to think that your partner respected you, at least, that’s what they would tell you. But they’ve been putting you down lately, questioning everything you do, and take advantage of your kindness. It doesn’t seem like they’re into you as they once were. [Read: Signs of disrespect in a relationship that shouldn’t be tolerated]

#16 They compare you to other people. You used to be the only person they had eyes for. Now, it feels like they’re comparing you with others. This is simply them trying to put you down and confirm that the other person they’re into is better than you. It’s bullshit, by the way.

[Read: How to handle the sting of resentment in a relationship and overcome it]

These signs your partner is falling in love with someone else doesn’t necessarily mean your relationship is over. Now, you should sit down with your partner and talk about it.

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