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15 DIY Beauty Gifts in a Jar

Last year we talked food gifts in a jar for the foodies on your list. This year, we’re putting beauty gifts in a jar for your spa-loving friends. This was a fun list to put together because basically I combed my house for things I’ve made this year. And I love giving things that people can actually use, and I think everything looks better in a Ball jar.

Beauty Gifts in Jars15 Beauty Gifts in a Jar

1. Makeup remover wipes

‘Tis the season to get glammed up, right? Make it easy to remove eye liner and mascara with these simple makeup remover wipes that come minus coconut oil, which can irritate the eyes.

2. Cleansing Balm

Oil cleansing is the next big thing in beauty! It breaks down the makeup and cleans out the pores, and that’s on everyone’s wishlist, always. And luckily, we have a DIY version.

3. Makeup brushes in pink jars

Colorful Ball jars are pretty much my favorite thing. It’s easy to tint your own with food coloring and Mod Podge (or enter our purple jar giveaway below!). Add in a set of makeup brushes to make any gal’s day.

4. Beard oil

Gift for gal pals are the easiest. But what about the guys? They, too, can be on your list of gifts in a jar, with this homemade beard oil that’s super hip.

5. Triple coconut scrub

One coconut, two coconut, three… Our obsession for all things coconut made us put shreds, sugar and oil together to create what’s probably the most luxurious scrub ever. For that gal that could use some pampering.

6. All-n-One Body Balm

If there’s one thing you should make in big batches, it’s this body balm. It’s good for everything, which makes it a good gift for everyone.

7. Lavender Boo Boo Cream

The easiest 2-ingredient first aid cream ever. Great for treating burns, soothing bug bites and healing minor scratches. Add 20 drops of lavender to 1/2 cup of coconut oil. Stir to combine and pack in a jar.

8. Infused body oil

Body oil is so luxurious in winter. And it’s super easy to infuse with herbs and spices – this vanilla chai body oil is my all-time favorite. Or you can also infuse with coffee for a cellulite pick-me-up or with roses for a more delicate scent.

Beauty Gifts in Jars
9. Soothing Oatmeal Bath Soak

Making this will literally take zero effort from your part. It’s as relaxing to make as it is to use, with just oats, baking soda and apple cider vinegar.

10. Aromatherapy bath salts

Mix up an easy batch of aromatherapy bath salts and your gifting is done.

11. Ultra-moisturizing bath salts

Make bath salts even more soothing by mixing them with almond oil and cocoa butter. Add a couple of drops of red food coloring for a festive pink color.

12. Herbal Hair Rinse

Since everyone needs an extra hand keeping their hair moist and healthy in winter, a herbal hair rinse will be a hit (with gals and guys alike).

13. Dream Salve

My kids are addicted to their nightly foot rubs! Infuse 1 cup of coconut oil with 1/2 cup lavender buds and 1/2 cup chamomile by melting the oil over low heat, adding the herbs and letting them simmer for an hour. Strain herbs and add 1 tablespoon beeswax and return to heat until melted. Transfer to container with lid. Get more instructions on infused balms here.

14. Beeswax candles

For a spa-like atmosphere, candles are in order! We’re letting you in on our little secret: you can make a bunch of them at once in the oven!

15. Pedi pots

Scrubs are fun, easy gifts that whip up in no time. Grab a few tiny jars and give friends a stack of these adorable pedi pots for a soft feet treat.

Photos by Ana Stanciu


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