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13 Troubling Signs He’s Losing Interest in You & May Walk Away Soon

You really like him, but you’re noticing that he’s drifting away. If you’re scared you’re seeing the signs he’s losing interest in you, find out the truth.

It’s time to be real with yourself. Do you recognize any of these signs he’s losing interest in you? If you do, it could be true. Now, don’t get upset, it’s okay if he is. But what’s not okay is him treating you like this. By knowing the signs, you can talk to him and move on with your life without being played.

Sadly, not all things are meant to last.

It just happens

Once, I got really into the guy I was seeing very quickly. We would text all the time, go out together. I was starting to think it could turn into an actual relationship.

But at some point, the change happened. He stopped texting me and avoided going out with me. I mean, it was pretty clear things were taking a dark turn.

I remember sitting on the couch, asking myself, why? I don’t get it, we were great two days ago, and now he’s acting like I have the plague… what’s going on? Though I already knew the answer, I didn’t want to accept the truth. Of course, he got scared, but he also realized he wasn’t that into me. [Read: How to stop being strung along by a guy and take a stand]

13 dark signs he’s losing interest in you

Realizing that someone is losing interest in you is a hard thing to accept. You want every guy to want you. It’s how our egos work, unfortunately. If you’re feeling something is off, you’re not going crazy. Something is off, and it’s not you; it’s him.

#1 His attention suddenly drops. They think we don’t notice these things, but it’s so easy to read the signs he’s losing interest or playing you when you’re not important to them anymore. If his attention suddenly drops overnight, he’s losing interest. Maybe someone else came along, but it doesn’t matter what the reason why is. The point is his attention has shifted away from you dramatically. [Read: 9 signs your boyfriend is no longer in love with you]

#2 The sex is less intimate. You know when something is off in the bedroom. If the sex has changed, then something is definitely going on. He could have lost interest in you or met someone else, but either way, the sex isn’t as intimate as it once was. Also, if he’s only calling you for sex, he’s trying to change the relationship and make it more casual.

#3 He doesn’t text you anymore. He may send you a text here and there, but he doesn’t text you like he used to. In my experience, he’s just trying to keep things warm between you if his other plans don’t work out. You know that’s lame, and you don’t deserve that. If he isn’t texting you like he used to, it’s a big red flag. [Read: 10 guys to stop dating if you want real love]

#4 He’s suddenly super busy. Come on, you know if you really like someone, you make time for them no matter how busy you are. When we like someone, we make them a priority. But if he’s suddenly very busy and can’t spend even five minutes with you, something is up. Unless… he’s actually a busy guy.

#5 No talks of the future. You used to mention doing things in the future, but now, all you hear are crickets. He’s avoiding to bring up any conversations about traveling in the summer or moving in together. And he’s only avoiding this because it’s not something he sees in his future anymore. In other words, this is one of the big signs he’s losing interest in you. [Read: Why men pull away – The reasons and what you can do]

#6 He only talks about himself. He used to ask you questions about yourself because he was interested in getting to know you. But now, he doesn’t want to know anything personal about you. He’s trying to keep things basic and simple. The less he knows about you, the easier it is for him to move on. So, the conversations are mostly about him, because, at the end of the day, he will always love himself.

#7 There’s no light in his eyes. It sounds a little poetic, right? Well, listen, in reality, it’s not as dreamy. In the beginning, when he would see you, his eyes would light up with happiness. But now, when he looks at you, there’s no twinkle, no look of love. He’s not excited anymore to see you, and that’s not a good sign.

#8 It’s only sex. You used to go on dates, have dinners with each other’s families, but now, there’s nothing. The only thing you do is watch TV and have sex. Other than that, everything else is over. If this is happening, then you need to realize the relationship is over and he’s just sticking around to get laid.

#9 It’s become one-sided. You used to work as a team and put in the same amount of effort in the relationship, but now you’re the only one doing the work. At least, that’s what it feels like. You text him first, you make plans to hang out. If it wasn’t for you, there would be no relationship. And that’s the problem. [Read: Are you wasting time in a one-sided relationship?]

#10 There’s no sex. When you like someone, you want to have sex with them, right? I mean, it’s only normal to have those feelings and desires. But, you don’t have sex anymore. Of course, it could just be a dry patch, but if you’re not having sex and you see other signs on this list, that’s no dry patch.

#11 He takes forever to respond. When you text him, he doesn’t reply in a couple of minutes, he takes hours to reply to you. We all know that’s a bad sign. When you like someone, you make sure you text them as soon as you can. But to take hours to reply to someone isn’t going to cut it, especially when we’re all glued to our phones.

#12 He talks about changing the relationship. He hasn’t completely lost interest in you, so he doesn’t want to break-up just yet. So, he’ll talk to you about having a more casual and open relationship. Well, this is a sign that he wants to see other women, which isn’t a bad thing. But keeping you on the side isn’t very nice. [Read: 15 signs you’re being led on and they’re taking you nowhere!]

#13 You know something is off. You’re a woman, which means you have crazy intuition. So, why don’t you be true to yourself and listen to it? If you feel something is off, that’s because something is off. Don’t give yourself excuses, listen to yourself. Your gut is a powerful tool. It may be hard to break off the relationship, but it’s what your gut is telling you to do.

[Read: This is how you know a guy is stringing you along]

If you see many of these signs he’s losing interest in you, don’t just stand by and let it happen. Confront him and talk about it. Don’t let him decide where the relationship will go.

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