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13 Traits of Toxic People that Can Hurt and Emotionally Damage You

If you want peace of mind, start by getting rid of the toxic people in your life. But how do you know the traits of toxic people around you?

If you’re reading this, you’ve woken up to see the people around you aren’t the people you need in your life. But there may be a couple of people that you’re not sure about. Well, how can you tell the toxic people from your real friends? By understanding the traits of toxic people.

This is where I come in. I used to have a lot of friends, but now, I can name my friends on both hands. That was after a huge clean-up. Sometimes you just have to do it. Now is your time to clean up and surround yourself with people who truly care. [Read: How to instantly tell the difference between real and fake friends]

The 13 traits of toxic people that shouldn’t be overlooked

Most of us don’t realize we have toxic friends surrounding us until we hit rock bottom or experience a huge success. This is when their true colors come out. Maybe your friends aren’t there when you need them the most or aren’t supportive when something positive happens to you.

Why? Well, first off, they didn’t really care about you. Secondly, they don’t want the attention diverted from them. What can I say, toxic people suck. But they have these traits in common.

#1 They never apologize. Toxic people never apologize… why would they? It’s never their fault. If someone never apologizes for their actions, then they never see their own actions as faults. They refuse to acknowledge their mistakes, and when you voice your opinion, they’re quick with an excuse and always manage to flip the issue and make it your problem instead of their problem. [Read: Understanding how people use emotional manipulation]

#2 They lie… a lot. If you think someone is toxic, just see how honest they are. Usually, toxic people always lie shift the blame and attention. The worst part, you could literally watch a situation in person and then hear them completely lie about it. They don’t care, they’re not shameful, and they certainly cannot be trusted. [Read: How a pathological liar can hurt and confuse you with their lies]

#3 They need attention 24/7. Maybe you had a horrible day today and need someone to talk to. Well, they’re not someone you should turn to. Instead of listening to you, they need attention from you all the time. If not, they’ll either become more dramatic and emotional or simply move on from you and be on the search for someone else. 

#4 They love to judge. When you’re around them, you feel like you’re under a microscope. They’re quick to judge every step you take. Whether it’s clothing, love life, career, or body, they’re the first ones who criticize you. Sadly, this doesn’t help you move forward, instead, their voice gets stuck in your head and pulls you back. They thrive off of the fact that you’re holding back.

#5 They act very high school. You could have left high school years ago but when you’re around them, it’s like you never left. Every word that comes out of their mouth is gossip, in fact, they don’t have much to say other than that. This is what they are fueled on, talking poorly about other people. If you feel like you’re in high school, it’s because you are when you’re around them. [Read: 25 early warning signs of a toxic friend you can’t miss]

#6 They have huge ego issues. With toxic people, they think the entire world revolves around them. This is why they hang out with you, because you make them feel big. See, they think they’re the best thing that walks this earth, they’re smarter than you, better looking, and more talented–right? Wrong, that’s just what they think. 

#7 They’re never consistent. Here’s the thing, if you’re looking for one of the most blatant traits of toxic people, it’s that you actually have no idea what they’re thinking. One day they tell you one thing and the next day, it’s something completely different. Their opinion changes depending on who they’re with and what they want. Their dishonesty isn’t something you want around yourself.

#8 They talk over you. You may have had a good point to make, but they’re not going to let you say it. Instead, they’re going to shut you down and speak over you. That way, they make sure the spotlight shines on them and you don’t say anything that may make you look smarter, funnier, or better than them. [Read: 15 ways to spot selfish people and stop them from hurting you]

 #9 They’re abusive. Now, this doesn’t mean that they’re going to hit you, we’re not necessarily talking about physical abuse, but they certainly are emotionally and mentally abusive. If you’re feeling horrible when hanging out with them and you doubt yourself then this person is abusive. Remove yourself from them.

#10 They make you prove yourself. Even though they appear to be your friend, they’re constantly forcing you to prove yourself. You feel like you’re not being a good enough friend even though you’re going above and beyond for them. Because you’re sacrificing your own needs for there needs, it shows that you need to cut them off. 

#11 They’re skilled manipulators. You probably didn’t notice until now, but they’re highly skilled manipulators. Their whole objective is to get you to do things for them, things that they want, things that better their lives instead of your life. When you’re around a toxic person, it’s not an equal relationship. [Read: All the ways manipulative people emotionally mess with your mind]

#12 You must defend yourself. If they’re disinterested in a topic or hearing your point of view, they manipulate the situation. Instead, they focus on pinpointing how you talk about the discussion, what you said, your tone and choice of words. [Read: The signs of a fake friend they just can’t hide]

#13 They never support you. Friends are supposed to support you and be there for you when you’re not there for yourself. But a toxic person doesn’t support you because they’re concerned only about themselves.

By encouraging you, that goes against their agenda of making themselves bigger than you. Your failure makes them happy which is why you need to ditch them.

[Read: How to exit a toxic relationship with your dignity]

You now know the traits of toxic people, so it’s up to you whether or not you’ll allow toxic people in your life. You make the choice!

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