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13 Beautiful Uses for Rosewater


Roses aren’t just a beautiful flower to look at — they’re also full of benefits for maintaining healthy, glowing skin. Full of antioxidants and vitamins, roses can slow the aging process, soothe irritated skin, cleanse oily skin, and add a beautiful glow to normal skin. Roses also have anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, which can treat many problem skin conditions. 

When your roses are transformed into rosewater, it can be the new staple in your beauty routine. Here are 13 ways to use homemade or store-bought rosewater in your skincare regimen. But, first…

Make your own rosewater!

Making your own rosewater is simple! You only need fresh roses, distilled water, and a large pot. Check out our recipe — foolproof and tested by us.

Here are 13 ways to use it!

Rosewater and pearl powder mask

1. Lighten + even out skin tone

Mix rosewater with pearl powder for a skin lightening mask. It will even out you skin tone and lighten age spots when applied to the face, chest, or hands.

Rose Water Cooling Mist | 13 Beautiful Uses for Rosewater

2. Keep your face fresh all day

What’s better than a fresh, glowing face all day long? Use your rosewater as a mist to keep your skin nourished and healthy. It can even help set your makeup, reducing the need to reapply throughout your busy days. Especially during hot months, keep a spray bottle cool in the fridge. Try this recipe for a cooling spray — full of benefits from green tea and roses.

Make your own towelettes

3. Make your own towelettes

Rosewater is so gentle, it makes the perfect base for these DIY essential oil towelettes. Use them at home or on the go to nourish dry skin all day long.

Slow the aging process with rosehip oil and rosewater serum

4. Slow the aging process

We’ve tested the ultimate anti-aging serum made from rosehip oil and rosewater. Not only is it great for your skin, it smells absolutely fabulous! But, how could it not when full of roses and essential oils?

Rosewater Toner | 13 Beautiful Uses for Rosewater

5. Tone your skin

Match your outer beauty with your inner beauty using rosewater as a natural way to slow the look of wrinkles. Rosewater can tighten your pores and create a beautiful glow. Best of all, it’s easy to make your own rosewater toner with dried roses.

Red Clay Mask | 5 Homemade Clay Face Masks

6. Treat frustrating acne

The unfortunate truth is that acne can follow us into our older years. Luckily, rosewater contains great anti-inflammatory properties. Mixed with Moroccan red clay and avocado, this homemade mask replenishes and clears the skin. 

Rosewater & clay bubble face mask

7. Deep clean your pores

Not only does this homemade bubble mask massage skin, but it also helps remove excess oil and tighten pores, leaving your with a fresh clean face. Toss in rosewater to help reduce redness and irritation and honey to decrease the appearances of scars and increase tissue regeneration.

Rosewater & pink clay soap | 13 Beautiful Uses for Rosewater

8. Make a rose water + pink clay soap

This is a simple way to make your rosewater last a long time. By cooking up this easy soap, you can smell fresh after every bath.

Sensitive skin face mist

9. Hydrate your sensitive skin

Rosewater both soothes and hydrates skin, making it ideal for dehydrated or dry skin types. The anti-inflammatory properties also help ease morning puffiness, as you’ll find after using this face mist for a few days.

Probiotic skin cleanser

10. Balance your skin’s probiotics

A simple homemade cleanser whipped up with probiotic capsules is a great way to start introducing live bacteria into our skincare. Perfect for skin that’s prone to breakouts, but soothing and gentle enough for sensitive skin as well.

Rosewater anti-frizz conditioner

11. Condition your hair

Not only does rosewater make for an excellent rinse, it also can provide your hair with all day nourishment. Use this anti-frizz conditioner on wet or dry hair to lightly condition hair and keep flyaways under control without weighing you down.

Cucumber Rose eye mask

12. Soothe + repair puffy eyes

Mix cucumber with rosewater and apply to tired eyes for an instant soothing sensation. Rich in ascorbic acid and phytochemicals, cucumbers help tighten the skin, de-puffing the under-eye area. This rosewater eye treatment is also extremely easy: simply refrigerate your rosewater for a half an hour and apply around the eyes with a cotton pad.

Icelandic uplifting body treatment and facial

13. Fight sagging + cellulite

Try an Icelandic uplifting body treatment and facial, which includes rosewater as a soothing, nourishing ingredient that your skin will love.


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