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11 Simple Tricks for Adding Volume to Your Hair

I don’t know about you, but as soon as the air gets colder, my hair goes entirely flat. And it’s not just the hat wearing–compared to summer, it feels like someone else’s hair entirely!

Finding ways to add some volume has become my quest. These are some of the easy tips and tricks I’ve found, plus a few natural recipes you can try if you also need to add more body to your hair:

1. Moderate washing

I know, I know, you like that clean hair feeling and you end up washing your hair every day. Unfortunately, that could do more harm than good. Overwashing removes the natural oils in your hair, leaving it lifeless and flat.

10 Simple Tricks for Adding Volume to Your Hair - Beer Rinse

2. Rinse with beer

You may have heard that beer is good for hair, but never got around to trying it as a hair rinse. Now’s the time!

Yeast plumps up the hair shaft while hops and malt nourish and stimulate it. The rosemary in this recipe adds protection against dandruff and dryness.

3. Dry upside down

You might already be doing this instinctively; if so good for you! Blow drying your hair while looking in the mirror might give you a better view, but it will also dry your hair flat. Keep your hair upside down to reap the benefits of gravity.

10 Simple Tricks for Adding Volume to Your Hair - Sea Spray

4. Get beach hair

You know that wonderful texture your hair gets on vacation? You have sea salt to thank for that! Keep the same sensation and hair volume all year round with an easy to make Sea Spray, enriched with aloe vera and chamomile.

5. Use Epsom salt

The magnesium and sulfate in Epsom salt are both minerals that help add more body to your hair. Get the recipe for a 2-ingredient volumizer on Free People Blog.

10 Simple Tricks for Adding Volume to Your Hair - Rosemary Hair Powder

6. Use cornstarch

Cornstarch is your friend when it comes to absorbing oil from the roots and leaving your hair clean and voluminous. Try it in the form of a Dry Shampoo Spray or simply as a Volumizing Powder as often as necessary.

7. Change your routine

If your hair is usually parted on the right, switch to the left. Do this every couple of days to prevent your hair from getting into a comfortable routine that might be costing you volume.

Dry Hair Repair - Frizz Spray |

8. Condition

Don’t be afraid to condition your hair! Using the proper formula for your hair will actually result in more volume–in addition to shiny locks. Use it on the hair rather than the scalp and keep it light. Try this anti-frizz spray made with aloe and coconut oil and you’ll be hooked.

9. Massage

You know that amazing feeling when the hair stylist massages your scalp while washing your hair? Your hair loves that, too! Do it before or during washing your hair, with circular motions all over the scalp.

10 Simple Tricks for Adding Volume to Your Hair - Blackberry Mask

10. Apply masks

Don’t shy away from a good homemade hair mask! Combining different berries results in an excellent antioxidant mask which will leave your hair shiny and voluminous at the same time.

Or try a protein mask made with egg and avocado, which will also smooth out frizz, making your hair easier to style. Bananas are also a great ingredient, as they maintain hair’s natural elasticity and help it regain volume. 

11. Cut it

For the best volume, go for shorter hair. The explanation is as simple as gravity: longer locks will make your hair weigh down while shorter ones will be bouncy and voluminous.

Even better, get an asymmetrical cut, which will give the optical effect of more, better hair. Here are 10 haircuts that work best on thinner hair. 

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