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10 Best Body Butters to Help Your Skin Survive Winter

Bad news: we haven’t even reached the halfway point of winter. That means there’s still a whole lot of dry air indoors to contend with. But there is a way to combat the moisture-sucking conditions. It’s called body butter.

Sometimes mistaken for a novelty, body butters are actually a necessary step in any hydration routine. We spend so much time moisturizing our face, we often forget that the rest of our body needs love, too. Usually packed with ingredients like shea butter or oils (argan, jojoba, avocado to name a few), buttering up can help keep parched skin at bay, from our elbows to our feet. And thanks to their whipped texture, they’re a lot more fun to apply than traditional lotions.

One of the other body butter benefits is they usually come enriched with irresistible fragrances — think rose or citrus. But if you’re more on the sensitive side, look for one that’s fragrance-free to avoid any adverse reactions.

Here are the 10 body butters that will help you and your skin get through the season.

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