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* A “first” in cosmetic dermatology.
* The latest drugs, topical agents and non-invasive procedures.
* 231 illustrations including 77 color photographs .

1) Scientific answers to everyday cosmetic problems .
2) Clinical, factual and practical.
3) Toward evidence-based medicine in cosmetic dermatology.

. . This outstanding text should serve as a spur to the medical community to insist upon well-researched cosmetic procedures.. .

The new text Cosmetic Dermatology: Principles and Practice is designed to help you�.
* Understand the basic science of the skin and the factors affecting its appearance.
* Comprehend the factors contributing to premature aging of the skin.
* Responsibly answer your patients’ questions about the efficacy of skin care products .
* Feel confident when asked to recommend over-the-counter products.
* Learn the basics about collagen injections, botulinum toxin injections and chemical peels.

. Get an unbiased review of the data available on various cosmetic products and procedures. Separate the facts form the myths in the aesthetic industry..


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