32 Oral Care Peppermint Effervescent Mouthwash & Bad Breath Treatment – Breath Mints for Kissing Breath Clean – 18 travel size packets

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  • BreathRox kills bad breath bacteria for up to 5 hours! Don’t disguise bad breath germs by the usage of gum and atypical breath mints. Get rid of halitosis naturally.
  • Patented isoVoxy formula neutralizes sulfur breath , garlic breath , morning breath , and smokers breath. Get close with confidence!
  • Antibacterial mouthwash formulation developed by dentists for women and men who will settle for nothing less than superior oral hygiene. Keep a packet by your bedside to eliminate bad morning breath instantly.
  • Activate fresh breath with exploding crystals that coat all the mouth and dissolve in seconds. You’ll be able to love the rush sensation! Kids find it irresistible too – it’s a fun kids mouthwash that creates good oral habits.
  • Eliminate smelly breath on the go. Convenient single-use powerful powdered mouthwash in a packet. Great as a unique gift or as stocking stuffer ideas for kids, teens and adults.
Enjoy 5 hours of freshness with BreathRox™ !

BreathRox IsoVoxy Antibacterial Mouthwash Breath Freshener Crystals don’t hide bad breath – cleansing stinky breath and bad halitosis at it’s source!

Individual packets fits in your purse or wallet making it easy to use before a date, after dinner or whilst traveling.

Oral 32 BreathRox are the best tasting oral fresheners –  top-of-the-line anti-bacterial breath freshener Remedy compared to other mouthwashes , breath deodorizers , and breath mints on the market today.

  • Anti-microbial formulation KILLs bad breath
  • All Natural oxygenating formula
  • ZERO alcohol
  • Fluoride Free
  • Sugarfree
  • 100% Natural ingredients
  • Made in the USA

Simple and fun to use.

  • Open a packet
  • Pop in mouth
  • Let crackle till they melt
  • Swish around gums with tongue
  • Swallow and enjoy 5 hours of halitosis prevention

Perfect for sensitive teeth and dry mouth too.

Includes: 18 individual go back and forth packets of Effervescent Bad Breath Remedy Crystals

Ingredients: Isomalt Carbon Dioxide Xylitol Natural Flavor Zinc Gluconate Sunflower Oil Sucralose isoVoxyPG (pharmaceutical grade zincum gluonicum) disinfectant Alcohol-free

32 Oral Care Peppermint Effervescent Mouthwash & Bad Breath Remedy – Breath Mints for Kissing Breath Clean – 18 go back and forth size packets

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