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  • Three Faces of Sex
As an established long term couples’ therapist, Stella Ralfini has worked with numerous couples who wanted to add more spice to their lovemaking. What she discovered over the years was that what turns us on sexually is as diverse as peoples’ tastes in art. Some prefer the staid, face on Reality of Rembrandt over the ‘off the wall’ Dali. Three Faces of Sex offers something to tickle everyone’s taste buds. The art of Tantric lovemaking features strongly in Three Faces of Sex, but it is woven into the world of fantasy to offer a modern take on an ancient art form. Added to this is Stella’s unique innovation of ‘Natural High Breath Work’ which helps lovers throw off inhibitions, together with sizzling secrets from the archives and lovemaking rituals guaranteed to stir couples to new heights. If you enjoy erotic novels and want to turn fiction into action, Three Faces of Sex is the lovemaking manual to help you put your sensual spirit where your mouth is. www.stellaralfini.com


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