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  • Stops Snoring – Detects snoring and gently vibrates to adjust sleep position without waking you up.
  • Streams Music & Audio – Wirelessly plays sleep music and other audio tracks from ZEEQ app and popular apps without disturbing your sleep partner.
  • Sleep Tracker – Measures sleep motion and snoring decibel, resulting in a SleepScore and detailed daily report of sleep duration and restfulness. Smart Alarm – Set an alarm clock time range and the smart pillow will tailor your wake-up time to best suit your sleep cycle for increased morning energy and less grogginess.
  • Customizable Comfort – Tencel Botanic Fabric pillow cover regulates temperature and wicks away moisture. Adjust the memory foam cluster fill to suit your preference.
ZEEQ Smart Pillow combines personal audio sound, sleep tracking and snoring solution technology for the most soothing, restful night of sleep possible. Featuring adjustable foam fill and a high-quality pillow cover made with moisture-wicking Tencel botanic fiber, this memory foam pillow combines sleep technology with luxurious comfort.

Snore Alarm
Once snoring reaches your predetermined decibel level, the pillow gently vibrates for you to change sleeping positions.

Wireless Music & Audio
Listen to binaural sleep music, audiobooks, sleep meditations and more. ZEEQ’s onboard personal sound system is evenly dispersed using 8 internal speakers encased in a comfortable memory foam pillow core, eliminating headphones, while ensuring audio can only be heard by the user.

Sleep Analysis
Multiple sleep tracker sensors send sleep data to the ZEEQ app for nightly analysis of sleep cycles, snoring and restfulness. Catalog daily sleep habits for a long-term view of how your activity impacts your sleep quality.

Smart Home Ready
Connects with Amazon Echo for instant sleep reports via voice control.

Smart Alarm
By analyzing your sleep, ZEEQ can wake you at the optimal time in your sleep cycle. Built-in motors centralize the vibrating alarm to the users head and neck.

Sleep Motion Detection
ZEEQ uses precision sensors to catalog and track your movement throughout the night.

Music Sleep Timer
Music timer with auto-shutoff eases transition to sleep by playing sounds for your preset time frame. Drift into slumber without worrying about turning off audio later.

Built-in Remote
Remote allows you to power on, change volume settings and more, when your smartphone is out of reach. Easily tuck away the remote when not in use with the pillow cover’s storage pocket.

2-Week Battery Life
Convenient extended battery life.

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Weight10.35 kg
Dimensions25.75 × 18.25 × 7.25 cm












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