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anti age your eyes

From Dark Circles to Fine Lines: 3 DIY Ways to Anti-Age Your Eyes

  Heredity and sleepless nights along with plenty of laughs and smiles all contribute to the eye problem trifecta: dark circles, puffy eyes and crow’s-feet. The skin around your eyes is the thinnest of anywhere on your body so your eyes are truly a window into whether you’re tired and weary. The good news is that there are two DIY eye mask recipes for a fast fix, along with longer term solutions to anti-age your eyes. 1. Dark circles Dark eye circles are my nemesis! It can [...]


Delonghi EMK6 Alicia Electric Moka Espresso Coffee Maker

The Italian way to make authentic espresso with the Moka process. Your espresso will never burn or overflow with the safety automatic shut-off. And the keep warm function keeps espresso hot for 30 minutes. Easily monitor the entire brewing process with the transparent container. It’s durable and easy-to-clean. Choose 3 or 6 cups of espresso with the convenient filter adapter. Serving is simple with cordless operation and detachable base.


Carrot Seed + Rosehip Under Eye Eraser

Why oh why do our eyes have to telegraph quite so much? They might be the windows to the soul, but I’d prefer they be less of a window into my lack of sleep and allergy issues. I just found the best under eye coverup yet (made with coconut oil!). Still, the dark circle and eye wrinkle struggle is real. We’re all supposed to be wearing eye cream, but applying it is one of my least favorite things. Enter the [...]


4 Reasons Why You Need a Silk Pillowcase (Seriously)

I am a little bit fascinated by Kourtney Kardashian. I mean, we have so much in common! She has three kids, I have three kids. And… that’s about where the similarities end. But I enjoy the natural living advice and beauty tips on her blog. She’s nutty, but the health nuttery I like! In a recent post, Kourt said she always sleeps on a silk pillowcase, even taking one with her when she travels. What a diva, right?! But the [...]

Beauty Tips

The DIY Aztec Clay Mask That Works For Every Skin Type

Aztec clay is one of those magical beauty ingredients that really is as awesome as everyone claims. And the best part is that this super useful ingredient works with your skin, no matter what your skin type is *that day.* It softens my skin when it’s feeling dry but it also sucks up excess oil when my skin feels greasy. And it’s especially helpful in clearing out pores when I haven’t been diligent about face washing (I know, I know). I [...]

grandma youth recipe

Grandma’s secret youth recipe revealed!

From Kim Kardashian’s vampire facials – which draws her own blood before injecting it back into her face – to Simon Cowell’s beloved sheep placenta facials, there’s some weird and wonderful beauty treatments on the market today. A grandmother’s bizarre youth recipe has just gone and trumped them all. 70-year-old Stella Ralfini from London says that her secret youth recipe is semen mask. Stella Ralfini, author of Three Faces of Sex, claims to have discovered the technique 30 years ago after asking [...]


The Good And Bad News About Coffee And Your Health

Health research on coffee swings back and forth between good and bad news more frequently than almost any other topic. When you hear about one study claiming health benefits while another harps on a list of negatives, it’s easy to get jaded and stop paying attention. To bring some focus, here’s a summary of both good and bad findings from a selection of coffee studies, with some perspective about why these findings are worth the time. The good news: Coffee [...]

cloche hats for women

How to wear cloche hat (Infographics)

This is a reference to an article published by Old Magazine Articles from a 1925 issue of The Delineator. In choosing a suitable hat, make sure the head size is correct. It must be large enough to pull right down over the head, but it must not stand away from it. Consider your height and the shape and length of your face in relation to the shape and height of the crown and the position of the trimming.’ A 1920’s Cloche [...]


Skin-Soothing Black Bath Bombs With Activated Charcoal

You know those days where everything that can go wrong, does go wrong? Today was one of those days for me. And when I say everything, I mean everything. At one point I found myself chastising the cat for ruining one of my favorite hand towels. And as I was bending over to pick the towel off the floor I actually split my shirt straight down the back from collar to hem. I so wish I was making this [...]

Medieval women fashion 14th and 15th-Century

What Did Women Wear in Medieval Times

Women’s fashion in medieval times is important not only for academic study, but for anyone interested in fashion history. The styles gradually changed from the early part of the era to the latter years, spanning from the fifth to the fifteenth century. Medieval Women’s Fashion What women wore depended on their status. Comparing what people wore during these historic eras to what we wear today, you’ll notice that people in medieval Europe wore a lot of garments on a day-to-day basis. [...]

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