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How to Make Someone Miss You and Regret Ever Leaving Your Side

  Sometimes all a person needs is a reminder of what they lost. Learning how to make someone miss you will show them exactly what that looks like. People make mistakes. They get caught up in the heat of a moment and leave their partner without ever looking back. But what would happen if they did look back? Knowing how to make someone miss you can help you show them the errors of their ways. But that’s only if you want them [...]


How to Tell if Your Guy Friend Likes you: 15 Signs You Can’t Miss

  When guys and girl are close friends, it can get a little weird if one starts liking the other. Here’s how to tell if your guy friend likes you. People have been debating for as long as time whether or not guys and girls can be friends. And many people prove them wrong all the time. However, because of this, it may cause you to wonder if your friend likes you. Knowing how to tell if your guy friend likes [...]


Dash Coffee Roasters Lives Life to the Fullest in Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Photo by Andrew Rizer. Courtesy of Dash Coffee Roasters. For Dash Coffee Roasters, which launched last November in the heart of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, the name isn’t so much a reference to coffee delivery — the roastery cafe has a slow bar alongside faster options, after all — but to how it should be savored. The name refers to the line between the dates on a tombstone, a symbol that should remind us all to slow down and enjoy the sights, sounds and smells while [...]


The surprising case for never washing your coffee cup

There’s one in every office and in every family: the person that’s bad at washing their coffee cup. You know the cup, the favorite mug that’s so discolored it’s hard to tell if there’s coffee in it or not. Believe it or not, there are a few reasons it might actually be a good idea — but also a few reasons it may not be. Whether you swear by it or it grosses you out, here’s what you need [...]

The untold truth of Valentine's Day

The untold truth of Valentine’s Day

Roses, chocolates, and beautiful heart-shaped doilies are usually the images that come to mind when we think of Valentine’s Day. Red hearts and heartfelt cards decorate every store, and all your coupled-up friends have a little spring in their step. But if you’re not Valentine’s Day’s biggest fan, take heart. It didn’t start out as a day of love. Its origins lie in drunken festivals and jail cells. Today, Valentine’s Day means big business for card, flower, and candy companies. From [...]


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London buses are being powered by a new fuel : Coffee

London authorities are aiming to cut emissions by turning coffee waste in to clean energy. With the help of Bio-Bean founder Arthur Kay, it just might work. British startup bio-bean has partnered with Shell (RDSB) and Argent Energy to create a coffee-based biofuel that will be used in London’s diesel buses. The company has produced 6,000 liters of coffee oil for the pilot project with London’s transportation authority — enough to help power the equivalent of one city bus for a [...]

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The untold truth of what happens to your body when you drink coffee

An estimated 80 percent of Americans drink coffee. It’s the second most traded commodity on Earth. Which makes sense, because coffee tastes great and gives you energy.  I love my coffee. I start every morning with a nice cup of cold brew. Have you ever wondered what actually happens to your body when you drink coffee ? I went to the experts to find out.  You get happier There’s a reason so many people start their day with coffee — because it [...]


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