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The Extraction May or May Not Run For President

“BLUE HARVEST El Salvador – CATHOLIC RELIEF SERVICES” by Maren Barbee is Licensed under CC by 2.0. Farmers in El Salvador are increasingly turning to specialty coffee, Reuters reported this week, despite the memory of the 2012 leaf rust outbreak and the persistent risk that the disease could come back around: Last year, specialty coffee made up about 65 percent of its exports, a figure expected to rise to 80 percent by 2025, according to Salvadoran Coffee Council data. The strategy comes [...]


The Extraction May Come with a Cancer Warning in California

The Central Perk set from Friends on the Warner Bros. Studio VIP Tour in Los Angeles, California. Photo by William Warby. Licensed under CC By-2.0 Fans of the 90s-era TV sitcom “Friends” got a jolt of excitement this week that could only have been outdone by Matt LeBlanc himself having summoned them with Joey Tribbiani’s oafish come-hither catchphrase, “How you doin’?” The reason was the revelation delivered by The Blast that Warner Bros. has filed trademark paperwork for use of the [...]


How to Be Cool: 13 Lessons to Ace the Art of Being Adored & Admired

We all want to know how to be cool, but only a small handful of people actually pull it off. It takes some skill, but it’s not unachievable. In high school, I wasn’t cool. Okay, I wasn’t completely an outcast either. I liked to call myself a floater. I would go from social group to social group, spreading out my time evenly among everyone, and it worked for me. I wanted and kinda still want to be the cool girl. [...]


The Extraction Is Popular Among Elves and Orcs

Remember when milk cartons used to display photos of missing children? The Missing Persons Advocacy Network has partnered with a design company in Australia to revive the idea in a way, issuing instead a series of colorful and personable designs on biodegradable coffee cups to to be distributed by Melbourne cafes. The Age had more: In an echo of photos of missing persons put on US milk cartons in the 1980s, the Missing Persons Advocacy Network (MPAN) will feature Mr Meyer [...]

enhance breasts size naturally

Total Curve Review : Enhance Breasts Size Naturally

Total curve claims to provide breast firming and breast enlargement naturally. A breathtaking sexy look without the need for surgical breast implants? Every woman dreams of having perfect curves, but who wants to go “under the knife” when there is a safer way to naturally enlarge your breasts! Fair or not, studies have shown that big breasted women are more inclined to have better paying jobs. But that doesn’t mean all men are attracted to large breasts. So if you are feeling [...]


14 Signs You’re a Side Chick When You Believe You’re his Main Girl

The dating life in the age of Tinder and Instagram is hard. And even once you find someone to be with, there are signs you’re a side chick only. I don’t know what to tell you. It sucks. You’ve stumbled on the signs you’re a side chick. With social media and the fear of missing out, people are afraid to commit themselves to someone because they think something better is going to come along. Now, this isn’t an excuse for a [...]


Why Do Guys Ghost? 15 Real Reasons Guys Turn into Cowardly Pricks

Ghosting was not always so popular, but it seems as soon as the idea of being a gentleman was gone so was dating etiquette. So why do guys ghost? Ghosting is pretty much the act of ceasing all communication with someone out of the blue, mostly in the world of dating or virtual dating. So the big question is… Why do guys ghost? Did he meet someone else? Did he get bored? Is it forgetfulness, did they lose your number, [...]


How to be a Free Spirit: The Art of Experiencing the Flow of Life

It is so easy to feel stressed and overcome with anxiety in today’s world, so learning how to be a free spirit seems like the only way to function. Okay, so you’re probably thinking “Brett, what the heck is a free-spirit?!”, and you would be totally valid in thinking so. This term has been thrown around a lot recently, I won’t lie to you. But luckily for you, I’m going to dawn some light on this situation by explaining how [...]


15 Signs of Manipulation in a Relationship You Should Never Ignore

Manipulation can be hard to recognize at first. But once you know the real signs of manipulation in a relationship, they are undeniable. Unfortunately, manipulation in a relationship is more common than you may want to believe. It happens everyday, and a lot of the time you don’t even realize it. It leaves you wondering what exactly are the signs of manipulation in a relationship. The manipulator tends to be so controlling in their own way that you are tricked into [...]


The 2Pour Splits An Aeropress Brew Into Two

The 2Pour brewer for Aeropress. All photos courtesy of 2Pour. For many coffee lovers, including devotees of the Aeropress brewer, the elixir is a social one, best enjoyed with company. And while it has always been possible to share coffee brewed on an Aeropress, the brewer is fundamentally designed for single cup applications. A new device called the 2Pour, which has just passed the threshold of its Kickstarter funding round, addresses this by providing a platform for pressing down on an [...]


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