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facts about life | Fun Facts Of Life - Part 4

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mother's day

The Untold Truth Of Mother’s Day

We all know that Mothers’ Day is a special celebration of our maternal heroes. A day to give thanks — and flowers and cards and breakfast in bed — to the women who raise children. But where did it come from, and what does it all mean? Mother’s Day seems harmless enough. Treat mom to brunch. Buy flowers. Good times. But the story of Mother’s Day holiday in the United States and many other nations — is rife with controversy, conflict, [...]


How to Tell If You Love Someone: Will You Actually Just Know?

Knowing how to tell if you love someone can be daunting. Some say when you know you know, but is that true? These signs will help you know. Love is different for everyone. Some people say they knew at first sight. Some after their first fight, and for others it happens much later. So, how to tell if you love someone? You may think, you should just know, but it isn’t always that simple. Whether you’ve been in love before or not, figuring out [...]


The untold truth of fish spa pedicures

Fish spa pedicures are just one of the seemingly super weird beauty trends that have entered popular culture in recent years. If you haven’t heard of them, hold onto your shoes, it’s about to get fishy in here. This beauty treatment is like a pedicure — only insofar as your feet go into a tub of water. From that point on, you’re at the mercy of the Garra rufa fish — also called “doctor fish” — which according to Dr. [...]


Substitute Scents: Bvlgari, Body Shop, Le Labo, More! (April 2018)

Columns by: Dr. Marlen Elliot Harrison, Bella van der Weerd, Rouu Abd El-Latif, Sofia Shang, John Biebel, Elena Vosnaki   For the true perfume lover, the attachment to certain fragrances can be enormous! We all have those creations in our collection we couldn’t fathom doing without, even if we don’t really wear them that often or if the excitement about having them is gone because we have worn them so much. And then: panic mode…. we find out our gem has been [...]


Jimmy Choo Fever

Jimmy Choo (Interparfums), a fashion brand known for its shoes and accessories, presents its new fragrance Jimmy Choo Fever that follows the Signature collection started with the premier fragrance Jimmy Choo in 2011. Fever promises a different archeosphere and ambience compared to the original, in the form of a powerful composition that posseses sex appeal and glamor. Jimmy Choo Cruise 2018 campaign Jimmy Choo Fever is developed by perfumes Nathalie Lorson and Honorine Blanc and, according to Lorson, it is very [...]


These DIY Flower Petal Soaps Are the Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

This post has been sponsored by American Greetings. All thoughts and opinions are my own. When it comes to Mother’s Day, gift giving can be tricky. I mean, what can you give all the mothers in your life to truly show them what they mean to you? Most gifts just don’t feel thoughtful enough. Plus, if your mom is anything like mine, she’ll be the first to tell you she already has everything she wants anyway! Instead of picking a gift [...]


Which Is The Best Espresso Maker?

Having a coffee machine around your home or your office can increase your productivity and keep you more focused on the work. All the machines listed in this video are very easy to use and it just takes a few button pushes to get delicious coffee out of them. In the above video, we listed the top 5 best Espresso machines on the market in 2018. I made this list based on my personal opinion, and i tried to [...]

untold truth of coffee

The untold truth of coffee

Americans drink about 280.5 million cups of coffee a day and spend about twenty dollars a week on coffee drinks. I start every day with a nice cup of cold brew, and I can’t start working until I have it next to me on my desk. You’re probably the same. But even if you drink a lot of coffee, how much do you really know about your favorite caffeinated beverage? Coffee has a lot of tricks up its caffeinated [...]


Do Skincare Supplements Really Work? We Gave Them a Try.

  This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Dermera. All opinions are my own. Growing up I never really had problems with my skin. Aside from a few pimples here and there, my skin was perfectly clear even though I treated it like dirt. And I continued to take my clear skin for granted until my mid-twenties, when the universe blessed me with hormonal acne and a rip-roaring case of rosacea (as payback, no doubt). For many of [...]


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