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7 New Ingredients to Add to Your Skincare Routine

1 / 7 Camu Camu Vitamin C is a gold-star ingredient for the skin. And guess what? The Amazonian camu camu plant contains the highest level of natural occurring vitamin C in the world. As much as 60 times that of an orange! This superfood for your face is jam-packed with other vitamins, minerals and antioxidants like ellagic acid that protect against free radicals. Add camu camu to a face mask to brighten skin and reduce inflammation. Try it in: Camu Camu [...]


Like-Dissolves-Like Cleansing Oil | Hello Glow

We’ve asked Nadia Neumann, founder of Body Unburdened and author of Glow: The Nutritional Approach to Naturally Gorgeous Skin, to share this nourishing oil cleaner recipe from her book. Contrary to what all of those skincare products proudly announcing their oil-free status would have you think, the skin LOVES oil! Not only do oils provide wonderful moisture, they’re also filled with vitamins and antioxidants to protect and feed the skin from the outside, and even help keep pores clear by [...]


25 Denim Hacks To Save Your Favorite Jeans

Most of us have been Team Jeans since childhood. The comfort, the versatility, the continuous reinvention of this casual item of clothing is what makes it a must in every wardrobe. And while finding the perfect fit may not be as hard as swimsuit shopping, it’s still pretty hard! Do they make your butt look right? Aren’t they a little too long? Do they go with your favorite shoes? Are they even in your price range? There are plenty of questions [...]

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