Charriol Infinite Celtic Ultimate

New Fragrances 11/16/18 07:51:41 by: Sandra Raicevic PetrovicUnder the Cofinluxe license, The Swiss jewelry house CHARRIOL presented their latest masculine fragrance INFINITE CELTIC ULTIMATE for the first time at the TFWA 2018 perfume show in [...]


Jaguar Stance

New Fragrances 11/10/18 06:27:15 by: Sanja PekicJaguar Stance is the new masculine fragrance that comes out in November 2018, dedicated to creative and independent men, to individuals who follow their own rules, as the press [...]


New Bortnikoff Collection

Bortnikoff, an indie perfume brand founded by Russian architect Dimitry Bortnikov in Thailand, has launched its second perfume collection.  Like the first collection, the perfumes are composed from natural oils and co-distillates of their own Feel Oud company production. There are three [...]

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