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    Herbal Secrets Turmeric Curcumin BioPerine – 750 mg, 180 Veggie Capsule (Organic)

    By Fun Facts Of Life

    Turmeric is a bright yellow aromatic powder obtained from the rhizome of a plant that grows in Southwest India. Curcumin is one of three curcuminoids present in turmeric. Curcumin is the most active constituent of turmeric.
    Turmeric Curcumin is known for its Anti – Inflammatory, Anti-Fungal, Antiseptic and Antioxidant properties. Bioperine is a powerful nutrient absorption enhancer. Turmeric’s bioavailability can be greatly enhanced with the introduction of Bioperine
    JUST ONE CAPSULE PER DAY! With other turmeric supplements, you may need to take multiple capsules every day! Herbal Secrets turmeric will save you time and money.

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