The truth about redheads

The mutation on the MC1R gene that gives gingers their unique coloring doesn’t just affect the way they look. In a curious twist, gingers also feel pain and respond to painkilling agents differently than their blonde and brunette counterparts.  For one, redheads [...]


6 Best Acne Home Remedies

Pimples are such a nuisance. They have the worst timing! You can have gorgeous, clear skin, and then a big ol’ red zit pops up just before a date or big event. And if you’re exercising more than usual [...]


The Extraction Tastes Best From a Gourd

Photo by Thom Pierce/Guardian/ Global Witness/UN EnvironmentIrresponsible coffee plantations are not only terrible for the environment, they’re also potentially fatal for the environmentalists, among others, who struggle to prevent them. This week The Guardian relayed a harrowing account of [...]

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