How to Get Over Someone Cheating on You and Repair the Damage

Having someone cheat on you isn’t a walk in the park. The real challenge is learning how to get over someone cheating on you and dealing with the emotions. Let’s get this out of the way, no one actually likes being cheated on. Even if you wanted to break up with them already, it’s always a horrible feeling to know that someone went behind your back and was dishonest with you. It takes times to know how to get over [...]


The Best Essential Oils for Dry Brushing + Cellulite

First, the bad news: Your cellulite is probably here to stay. Womp womp. But there is good news! One of the best ways to reduce its appearance is with dry brushing and essential oils. You’ve probably heard about some of the benefits of dry brushing. It gets your lymphatic system moving, which in turn helps your body remove waste and can help smooth out cellulite. Plus, you’re getting an excellent full body exfoliation. If you shower in the morning, dry brushing [...]


Customized Beauty Is the New Luxury

Have you ever flipped because your favorite makeup shade was suddenly discontinued? We’ve all been there. Now, thanks to a slew of new brands focused on customization, we no longer have to turn to eBay to get our hands on products that are just right. Or maybe you don’t know what the right shade is for your complexion. Technology — and our phones’ high-quality cameras — are making it easier than ever to find out. A growing number of [...]


The Best Skinny Ranch

[unable to retrieve full-text content] The Best Skinny Ranch will make all your ranch dressing dreams come true without the guilt. This healthier, homemade ranch has just 36 calories (1 Weight Watchers SmartPoints) with ingredients that are natural and good for you. I have a little bit of a love hate relationship with ranch. Sometimes I love it and can’t get enough and sometimes, depending on the brand, I hate it and find it too sweet and fake tasting. And light [...]


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