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Coffee a Vehicle for Change at Back of the Yards on Chicago’s South Side

Back of the Yards Coffee owners Jesse Iñiguez and Mayra Hernandez presenting a check to support the Kids Cafe of Casa Romero, from sales from their 47th Street blend. In the mixed residential and industrial South Side Chicago neighborhood Back of the Yards, so named for its proximity to the historic former Union Stock Yards site, two locals see specialty coffee as a means of bringing the diverse population together. Jesse Iñiguez and Mayra Hernandez, owners of Back of the Yards [...]


Cauliflower Potato Curry

[unable to retrieve full-text content] Cauliflower Potato Curry is an Indian dish that is surprisingly easy to make at home instead of picking up the phone for take out. This dish is traditionally called Aloo Gobi, has only 160 calories per serving, and works for Whole30, gluten-free, vegan, Weight Watchers, and clean eating diets. Sometimes I am called the Queen of Cauliflower. It’s a name I fully embrace as cauliflower is something I absolutely love and I am constantly coming up with new [...]


The Extraction Turns Coffee and Wine Belts into a Beverage Girdle

Swedish coffee roaster Löfbergs, a fourth-generation-owned company, has taken special interest in cultivating future generations of coffee production. To highlights its efforts and draw attention to the need to keep younger coffee farmers engaged and well compensated, the company has launched the Next Generation Coffee product line. Per a press release published this week: One important part of the Löfbergs investment is the education and the training that the new generation is offered. The topics vary from finance,  entrepreneurship and [...]


Controlling Women: Can You Have a Happy Relationship with One?

When it comes to controlling women, some people say you can never really be happy with one. Here’s what to think about so you can choose for yourself. Everyone likes different things in a partner. Some people like quieter significant others who just like to relax and others like loud, outgoing people to keep things fun. But what about controlling women? Is there a place for them in the world of relationships? If you started seeing a woman known as being [...]


Slow Cooker Chicken Pot Pie Soup

For the last hour I’ve been listening to One Direction. Excuse me, JAMMING to One Direction. Why am I susceptible to the music of tween girls? EEEEE. I have a crush on all pop music ever. Cause it would be totally normal that my adult ears would gravitate towards songs with little to no meaning but a get-up-and-move-right-now beat, right? It sounds like candy in my ears. What kind of a person adoringly eats a beautiful Moroccan Salad with [...]


My Minimalist Skincare Rules | Hello Glow

My skin is super dry – especially in winter – so my skincare routine focuses on moisturizing and hydration. And no matter how you feel about aging, it’s happening. Ugh. But I definitely don’t want my skin to age faster than I am. Time is flying by fast enough, thank you very much. I tested out the Olay Skin Advisor Tool to see my “skin age” and get a personalized regimen. You take a selfie and answer a few simple [...]


Coffee Is Happiness at Reserva Coffee Roasters in McAllen, Texas

Photo by PhotographRGV. As Michelle Quiroz and her husband Danny were planning their dream cafe in McAllen, Texas, they turned to their friends to brainstorm names. “A friend of ours said, ‘You should call the company Quiroast,’” Michelle Quiroz told Daily Coffee News. “So that’s our nickname. They still affectionately call us that.” In the end, the Quirozes went with a less self-referential monicker, Reserva Coffee Roasters, applying it to their recently opened cafe near Texas’s southernmost tip, less than 10 miles from the United [...]


Australia’s Detpak and Veneziano Team Up for Small-Volume Cup Line

Detpak promotional photo. The standardization of takeaway cup sizes over the past three decades has been driven by large coffee chains, leaning toward larger volumes perhaps to create the perception of value. Yet as certain specialty purveyors have embraced more diminutive vessels for customers to enjoy their drinks, particularly those that are espresso-based, there can be some disjunction between in-store drink volumes and to-go drink volumes. At least that’s the argument made by quality-focused Australian wholesale roastery and coffee consultancy Veneziano Coffee Roasters, which has now lent its [...]


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