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Things every woman should avoid when washing her hair

Guetersloh told me that “98 percent of people do not need to shampoo every day. Some people say if they go more than a day, it gets too greasy. But, most of the time, we caused that problem.” She explained washing your hair too often can cause multiple issues. “Over cleansing causes the scalp to amp up oil production to replace what is being stripped. When we stop shampooing so often, the body balances and you can go more days between shampoo. [...]


Cybersex: The Ins and Outs of What It Is and How to Do It Right

Now that technology is here to stay, you’ve probably heard of cybersex. Maybe you’ve done it before but you didn’t know the name, it’s time to learn. You know, I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of cybersex. But now that we have all these different methods of communication like Snapchat, texting, voice messaging, and video chat, the terms that are being used for cybersex change on a daily basis. But basically, cybersex is any form of online communication that’s sexually oriented. So, [...]


The untold truth of perfume

There’s something very mysterious about perfume. Unlike anything else, it’s the only thing we wear that is invisible, it’s unique on everyone, and most of the time we have very little understanding of the ingredients. I asked several fragrance industry insiders to spill their secrets about what is really in perfume, how to choose right scent, why that fragrance smells so good on your friend, but not quite so delightful on you, and so much more. You will never [...]

anti age your eyes

From Dark Circles to Fine Lines: 3 DIY Ways to Anti-Age Your Eyes

  Heredity and sleepless nights along with plenty of laughs and smiles all contribute to the eye problem trifecta: dark circles, puffy eyes and crow’s-feet. The skin around your eyes is the thinnest of anywhere on your body so your eyes are truly a window into whether you’re tired and weary. The good news is that there are two DIY eye mask recipes for a fast fix, along with longer term solutions to anti-age your eyes. 1. Dark circles Dark eye circles are my nemesis! It can [...]


Can Girls and Guys Really Be Friends? 11 Truths to Bridge the Gap

We’ve all had those thoughts, the “are we actually friends?” If you’ve been wondering can girls and guys really be friends, it’s time to find out. Ah yes, we’ve finally come to the question that all of us want the answer: can girls and guys really be friends? Whether you’re a guy or a girl, you’ve thought about this at least once. Of course, people tell you when you have a friend of the opposite sex, one of you must [...]


How to Make a Man Feel Loved: Cut the Drama, Real Love Is Simple

We’ve all watched The Notebook or Love Actually, and maybe that’s the problem. Knowing how to make a man feel loved doesn’t have to be so dramatic. This is the problem, people. We’ve been sucked into thinking that the only way to know how to make a man feel loved is if we buy them a brand new car or sit outside of their house with a boombox, playing some 80’s love song that’ll for sure piss off all the neighbors. Now, I’m [...]


Creepy People: 14 Types You’ll Meet and Their Recognizable Habits

As much as we want to be all nice and friendly, there will be the creepy people we’d prefer to stay the hell away from. The type who makes our skin crawl. Back in the day, we used to get cautionary tales and warnings for real threats such as, “Don’t take candy from the strange man in the van.” Or “Don’t accept a ride from strange men late at night.” But forget the person with the binoculars hiding in the bushes. [...]


How to Feel Good About Yourself & Kick Ass in All Aspects of Life

Confidence has so much more power than you think. Learning how to feel good about yourself can open up more doors that’ll allow you to own your life. Insecurity sucks. We all have it to some degree but if we could get rid of it entirely, we all would. That being said, some of you may be struggling even more than anyone else. Knowing how to feel good about yourself no matter what is definitely something you’ll want to learn. Because [...]


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