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How to Learn to Give Space and Breathe Again

If you are feeling smothered, then speak up. If you don’t get some space, you are going to get to the point where there is no going back. When you are in love, those first few weeks are, well, spectacular. You can’t get enough of each other. You giggle at every little ping of your phone telling you your sweetie says “Hi.” You might even give them their own ring tone. But, what happens when you start feeling smothered? Does [...]


9 Glowing Skin DIYs To Whip Up With Fall’s Best Beauty Foods

1 / 9 The peak season for this crunchy veggie with a sweet, licorice taste runs from fall through early spring. Fennel seeds and juice have been used for centuries to soothe upset tummies. Used on the skin, fennel acts as a diuretic to reduce inflammation, puffiness, and the appearance of wrinkles. The antiseptic properties in this fennel toner make it great for controlling oily skin and acne.   2 / 9 Fall Beauty Ingredient: Apples Apples are a naturally potent source of [...]


10 Reasons Naughty Women Always Seem to Get Just What They Want

If you’re wondering why those naughty women seem to get their way when you’re barely scraping by, these reasons will shed some light on just that. It’s no secret that naughty women are basically taking over. While the good girls might be getting by with a better reputation, the naughty ones are getting exactly what they want. And you know what? It might not seem very fair but there are reasons they’re the ones getting away with what they want. And [...]


Celebrate Fall With This Swoon-Worthy Chai Pear Sugar Scrub

Few things announce fall more than a warm cup of chai and a good book. Throw in some pears and autumn has officially begun! Chai tea has numerous health and beauty benefits due to the high antioxidant content in black tea leaves. Chai also contains spices such as fennel, clove and ginger, which are anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and rich in vitamin C. This easy-to-make DIY recipe can do double duty as both a body and facial scrub. Just be sure to [...]


15 Unexpected Benefits of Dating Sensitive Men Versus Macho Men

Although men can be defined as more than being emotional or macho, they still fall under the two categories. Here’s why sensitive men might be better. This isn’t to say that macho men can’t make good partners but rather, sensitive men might have something better to offer depending on who you are. There are a lot of benefits to dating someone who’s more sensitive instead of going for the strong, manly-man type. Of course, this might completely depend on your taste. [...]


5 Best Honey Face Masks For Every Skin Type

There are some ingredients that you almost can’t go wrong with in DIY skincare. And honey is definitely at the top of the list. This kitchen pantry staple has been used in food and medicine since the Stone Age. Here’s why your skin loves it, too. Why Honey? Honey is naturally antibacterial, which helps your skin fight off acne. Plus it has an an amazing antioxidant capacity, and you want antioxidants around to combat the free radicals that damage the skin. [...]


25 Clues to Know If It’ll Help Your Romance

Knowing if you and your partner need relationship therapy can be tricky. These 25 signs help you decide if it’s time to seek professional help. Admitting that your relationship might be on the rocks is not easy. However, recognizing what it is and wanting to fight for it is the only way to save it. Relationship therapy can provide a lot of help in a struggling relationship. If you ignore your relationship problems and bury them, the likelihood is you’ll only [...]


How to Ask Someone Out Over Text and Get That Satisfying Yes

Asking someone out is a very scary thing. In order to increase your chances of getting a yes, you’ll need to know how to ask someone out over text. Nowadays, texting is our main form of communication. It used to be talking on the phone but when it’s so much easier to type up a quick sentence instead of spending the time to call, it’s the obvious way to go. And that means you text the people you like and, [...]

grandma youth recipe

Grandma’s secret youth recipe revealed!

From Kim Kardashian’s vampire facials – which draws her own blood before injecting it back into her face – to Simon Cowell’s beloved sheep placenta facials, there’s some weird and wonderful beauty treatments on the market today. A grandmother’s bizarre youth recipe has just gone and trumped them all. 70-year-old Stella Ralfini from London says that her secret youth recipe is semen mask. Stella Ralfini, author of Three Faces of Sex, claims to have discovered the technique 30 years ago after asking [...]


7 DIY Ways to Reduce Stress + Soreness With Magnesium Oil

1 / 7 Applying magnesium via the skin is one of the fastest and easiest ways to up your daily magnesium intake, and this whipped lotion is just what your body needs! De-Stress Magnesium Body Butter from Hello Glow 2 / 7 You only need magnesium oil and a combination of soothing essential oils to make this easy rub for achy legs. Magnesium Oil Soothing Rub from Mommypotamus 3 / 7 Sore muscles don’t stand a change in the face of these bath bombs! They’re made with magnesium [...]


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